Community Sailing Program Registration

**** Notice ****
Sailing is a physical activity. Your training will include being seated in a compact position, moving from one side of a 14 ft boat to the other, righting a capsized boat and climbing into/out of the boats while in the water. If you have any major orthopedic or other health problems, please contact us before registering.

To start your registration please submit this form. Each class is limited to twelve people and priority is determined by the date your payment is received. Once twelve people have paid, the class is closed, so please send in your payment promptly. You may pay online or mail us a check.

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Sailing Classes

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Hint: You can use your banks online Bill Pay to mail a check

Make checks payable to:
Box 547823
Orlando, Florida 32854

If you have any questions, Email:

Welcome aboard and Fair Winds!