Members have access to our library of books and charts.  Email with the books or charts you would like to checkout and the librarian will bring them to the next club meeting.


  1. Against All Odds, Around Alone in the BOC Challenge by Alan Nebauer, 166 pages
  2. All In The Same Boat (Family Living Aboard And Cruising) by Tom Neale, 374 pages
  3. Annapolis Book Of Seamanship, The by John Rousmaniere, 402 pages
  4. Ashley Book of Knots, The by Clifford W. Ashley, 620 pages
  5. As Long As It’s Fun, The Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey by Herb McCormick, 280 pages
  6. Best of Sail Magazines’ Things That Work, 194 pages
  7. Boat Handling (Time Life), 176 pages
  8. Boat, The (Time Life), 175 pages
  9. Boating Bible, The by Jim Murrant, 310 pages
  10. Boating For Less, 2 nd Edition, by Steve Henkel, 307 pages
  11. Boating Safety presented by U.S. Coast Guard and Met P&C, 48 pages
  12. Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen by Mary Blewitt, 69 pages
  13. Chapman’s Nautical Guides, Boating Etiquette by Queene Hooper Foster, 126 pages
  14. Chapman Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling, 59 th Edition, by Elbert S. Maloney, 652 pages
  15. Cost Conscious Cruiser by Lin and Larry Pardey, 358 pages
  16. Cruising (Time-Life Library of Boating), 176 pages (K. Locke loan)
  17. Cruising Woman’s Advisor, The by Diana Jessie, 170 pages
  18. Essential Knot Book, The by Colin Jarman, 85 pages
  19. Florida’s Guide To Recreational Boating, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 21 pages
  20. Getting Started in Sailboat Racing by Adam Cort and Richard Stearns, 212 pages
  21. Handbook of Sailing, The by Bob Bond, 352 pages (two copies)
  22. Handbook of Trailer Sailing by Robert F. Burgess, 227 pages
  23. Handling Troubles Afloat by John Mellor, 204 pages
  24. How to Boat Smart, Florida Boating Safety Course, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, 63 pages
  25. Invitation To Sailing by Alan Brown, 224 pages
  26. Keep it Simple Guide to Sailing by Steve Sleight, 352 pages
  27. Knots And Splices by Steve Judkins and Tim Davison, 64 pages
  28. Let’s Go Sailing by Peter Isler, 82 Pages
  29. Maintenance (Time Life), 176 pages
  30. Marlinspike Sailor, The by Hervey Garrett Smith, 131 pages
  31. Nature of Boats, The by Dave Gerr, 418 pages
  32. Navigation (Time Life), 176 pages
  33. Onboard Medical Handbook, The by Paul G. Gill, Jr. M.D., 230 pages
  34. Primer of Navigation, 7 th Edition, by George W. Mixter, 578 pages
  35. Racing (Time-Life Library of Boating), 176 pages (K. Locke loan)
  36. Royce’s Sailing Illustrated Volume I (Tall Ship Edition) by Hilda Royce, 359 pages
  37. Sailing Garage, The (Product & clothing catalogs for sunfish sailors, Issue 15, 2005 and Issue 14, 2004), 20 pages each
  38. Safety Preparations For Cruising by Jeremy R. Hood, 272 pages
  39. Sailing Fundamentals by Gary Jobson, 219 pages
  40. Sailboats, The World’s Best Sailboats in 500 Great Photos by Nic Compton, 400 pages
  41. Sailing For Dummies! by J. J. Isler and Peter Isler, 404 pages
  42. Sailor’s Handbook, The, Updated Edition by Halsey C. Herreshoff, 219 pages
  43. Seamanship (Time Life), 175 pages
  44. Self Sufficient Sailor by Lin and Larry Pardy, 317 pages
  45. Start Sailing Right by Derrick Fries, American Red Cross, 112 pages (two copies, 1997 )
  46. Start Sailing Right by Derrick Fries, American Red Cross, 182 pages (one copy, 1992)
  47. Sunfish Bible, The by Will White, 363 pages
  48. Ultimate Sailing by Sharon Green with Douglas Hunter, 168 pages
  49. Wooden Boat School 2017 Courses
  50. Wodden Boat Store 2016-2017
  51. World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell, 502 pages


  1. Anna Maria Island to Englewood 1998
  2. Englewood to Estero Bay 1998
  3. Florida Keys 1999
  4. Tarpon Springs to Anna Maria Island 1998
  5. St. John’s River – Central, Map #314
  6. St. John’s River – South

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises brochure, 1997

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