The Sailing Club sails on Lake Baldwin in Winter Park, FL. The primary club activity is guiding new sailors through our Community Sailing Program. Members have frequent opportunities to get out on the water, improve their skills and enjoy the wind. No boat required! The club owns eleven dinghy sailboats for our members use at events. Club members also organize many sea voyages, from Tampa Bay to Greece to Italy. Welcome to our sailing community!


  • Community Sailing Program
  • Race Series on the second Sunday of every month on Lake Baldwin
  • Free sails on the first Sunday of every month on Lake Baldwin
  • Moonlight sails on Lake Fairview
  • Semi-annual club picnic, aka Spring Fling and Fall Fling
  • Regional regattas


  • The monthly club meeting is the best place to introduce yourself and join the club.
  • Meetings are normally held on the fourth Monday of every month.
  • Due to Covid19, we have moved our meetings to virtual using Zoom. Once you join the Sail Club, we will add you to our email list and send an email with Zoom access to the club’s next meeting.
  • We discuss recent activities, maintenance issues, etc and follow with an educational presentation.
  • Check the events calendar for the most up to date information.


  • Six Hunter 140
  • Three JY 15


By Laws