Membership is managed through our Meetup group. Create a free account with Meetup and request to join The Sailing Club.

Our members get to enjoy the following club activities:

  • Open sailing on the first Sunday of every month.
  • Racing, including race instruction, on the second Sunday of every month.
  • Moonlight sails on Lake Fairview every fall.
  • Picnic lunches at Lake Baldwin in the fall and spring.
  • Annual Christmas party.
  • For social events, one guest is allowed.

Members must be able to demonstrate safe sailing ability, including:

  • Correctly trimming sails for all points of sail
  • Tacking
  • Jibing
  • Picking up a person overboard
  • Righting a capsized boat

If you are new to sailing or need a refresher, our Community Sailing Program classes are designed to teach these skills so that you can join us on the water.

Dues Schedule

Dues are $125 annually and start from the day you join.