June 2017 Race Results

The June race began with all eyes on the horizon as thunderstorms were in the forecast.  There were three rookie racers on the water as well as five of the usual suspects.  It may have been the closest race in years with a three way tie for second place points and just two points separating first place.  Penny and Rick showed how important it is to keep accurate time.  After portsmouth corrections were applied, just one second separated second and third place.  Because of the looming storm, the second race was shortened to just one lap.  In a show of mercy, the rain arrived just as the gate was being locked up with all the boats properly stowed.  From there the post-race activities were moved to the pavilion over at the dog park.

Corrected Times

A Fleet Sailor B Fleet Sailor Boat Race 1 Corrected Race 2 Corrected Race 3 Corrected
Kurt Walker Jesus Gonzalez JY15 16:06 5:29 14:38
Charlie Crowther Natalie Eager H140 100:00 5:55 13:17
Penny Potter Karen Goodrum H140 17:02 8:51 13:26
Rick Best Walter Hammond JY15 17:03 5:54 14:12


A Fleet Sailor B Fleet Sailor Race One Race Two Race Three Total Points Place
Kurt Walker Jesus Gonzalez 1 1 4 6 1
Charlie Crowther Natalie Eager 4 3 1 8 2
Penny Potter Karen Goodrum 2 4 2 8 3
Rick Best Walter Hammond 3 2 3 8 4